It was a good ride.

Well folks, I suppose we had a good time.  We laughed together, and we made fun of other people together.  I even rode bikes with some of you. But all good things must come to an end. So pedicab confessions is done.  It is dead.  This will be my last post.

However, I will be moving to my new website Bike Savannah!

Come join me there for all the same things that you have come to love.  And I promise there will be more.


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Get on your Bikes and Ride! (insert guitar solo here)

This weekend is the 2010 bike census.  No, you don’t have to fill out any paper work.  Savannah Bicycle Campaign is trying to get an accurate count of the cyclist in our fair and humid city.

We will be recording

  • Gender
  • Whether or not the person is wearing a helmet.
  • If the person has a bike light.

Now, I’m not saying you should get on your bikes and ride around the city to try to boost our numbers.  However, more people on bikes is always a good thing.  I am merely stating that if you do ride.  Help us help you by getting on your bike.

Like the normal census, if you are counted that helps us determine what is more important to work on next. Such as, getting the city to repair the roads.

Remember you don’t have to do anything, but ride a bike.
So just to recap



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I was thinking…..

If the road bike is the sports car of bikes.  Then what are some other equivalents?  What do you guys think?  Would this be the minivan of bikes?

I can’t tell you how much I love these things.  I want one so bad.  Imagine all the things you could carry…..

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Pretty Please? With Sugar on top and Campe Crank in the Middle.

So this is a rad hoodie.  I just had to throw it out there.  Can someone please get me this for my birthday? 

This is from the Mishka clothing store in NYC.  They seem to have latched themselves from fixed gear culture.  Majority of the time I am not a huge fan.  However, this sweater/hoodie is amazing.  Give Mishka a try.

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Knog Frog

In accordance with the law, I always ride with a bike light at night.  I also go one step further by adding a rear red light. I like to make sure that I am seen. (especially if I am mildly intoxicated)(sorry Dad.)

I have used several different bike lights.  Many of which were not very attractive.  I read on Bike snob nyc a while back about a new bike light.  He refered to it as a hipster cyst.  While this might have some validity, I still decided to give it a try.  I went to one of my local bike shops and bought Knog’s Frog. 

This is a wonderful light.  It is bright enough to blind a mule in Manhattan on New Years Eve.  However, it is small enough that you can put it on your key chain when you lock up your bike.

Unfortunately, my friends dog recently ate mine.  apparently it is also delicious.  So, off I went to the bike shop to purchase another bike light.  It was then that I found out that Knog had redesigned the frog light.

The new knog Frog now looks more like one of their other designs, the beetle.  Though I miss my old light.  I can’t tell you how happy I am.  This little beast is amazing.  Not only is it the same size as the frog.  It has to be 20x as bright.  They even gave you multiple settings blinking lights.  This way you are sure to annoy/confuse/ warn all the people around.

Congrats knog, this is an amazing product.

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Living the Hipster Dream

I am living the hipster dream.  I am now the proud employee of a bike shop!  The owner is even giving me a choice.  I can either work as a mechanic, or as a salesman.  He said I could do both if I want.  My new place of employment is Quality Bike.  It is located on Montgomery Xroads. You should stop by and see me sometime.  My first day will be Friday.

Now I realize many of you might be asking “But Lee, What about Pedicab?  What about the Blue Army?  Don’t betray the brotherhood.”  Well, don’t worry.  I’m not quitting Pedicab.  I will always be your faithful shop monkey.  And I will always be there to piss you off with my tricycle.  I will just be working a little less.

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I’m here to save the planet….WITH BIKES!

This past Saturday was the City of Savannah’s earth day celebration. It is also Savannah Bicycle Campaign’s third year of existence. For those of you that don’t know of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign (SBC), we are a bicycle advocacy group. Our mission is to make Savannah one of the most bike friendly cities in the South East.

Yes, I think we have a have ways to go.

But that is besides the point. We started, like many other groups, as pissed off citizens. We came together and sat around a table for two hours. We bitched, and we moaned about the bike lanes, road quality and drivers.  We kept saying “Someone should do something about this. Why isn’t anyone speaking up for the cyclists?” We then took it upon ourselves to do so.

That was back in 2008. We had our first group ride at the 08 earth day. Not one of us had high hopes for attendance. We had hoped for 75 people. We honestly expected 20. But the people of Savannah had our backs. Clearly, the citizens of Savannah were pissed off too. Close too 400 cyclists showed up and rode with us.

I have never been more proud of my city.

Since then, we have kept up our numbers. I am proud to present the photos for this years earth day wheelie. They were taken by yours truly.

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